Going from not even having a game to whatever just happened means that these past few weeks have been among the strangest I've had. It's been immensely encouraging and I now count some great people as friends and colleagues; sharing the same journey towards becoming part of a world we've been on the outskirts of since childhood.

Some of you already know I've been dividing my time between four efforts; making Aya Blaze mainly but also freelance producer duty at a major games studio, making one illustration every day, and learning Japanese. In short, it's been intense - so intense in fact, that the rest of the world seemed to have vanished.

Hand baggage.

So after lugging my own body weight in hardware through the streets of Stockholm, spending 6 hours on a train squashing bugs that manifested themselves hours before travelling - with literally 20 minutes of sleep to break up probably 40 hours of near-continuous work; standing at the table with my first ever game being played by dozens of people, and receiving love for details I hadn't even hoped would be noticed.. it was good.

Combed the stache for this picture.

Best Of

  • People coming back to the booth to beat their old track times.
  • Hourences trying to tweet a picture of me at the booth only for us to realize that I'm so un-photogenic it wasn't worth it.
  • My friend since 15 years who spent two days helping me lug hardware on and off cabs and keeping people happy at the booth.
  • Webhallen, who pulled through for the little guy and supplied the demo hardware - the fact that one of Sweden's biggest companies got stoked for a little one man demo says heaps. Will do another post on these dudes!
  • The man who instigated this whole NGC circus travelled all the way from the far east in order to attend the con, share his vision, and dream about the future. He also gave me my first japanese manga (ノ・ェ・)ノ
  • Finally meeting with rivals-in-love 34BigThings and their <3 RedOut.
  • The most inspiring speech on EVE Online politics I've ever experienced.
  • Sitting in a cramped meeting room with three Nintendo reps sharing their belief in the game. And the butterflies that followed.
  • Living with cats for two days. 🐱

Contact has been made in unexpected places, a pile of business cards is ripe to be ripped apart, and I'm getting kinda nervous that my plan of leaving this town I've grown so sick of might actually come true.