Troubleshooting RL

Running a show from the comfort of your TFT is tres cool. Few things are as satisfying as having all the problems you'd possibly want to sink your teeth into - and their solutions - at your fingertips.

So solving problems in the physical realm can be pretty slow moving and frustrating in comparison. Just prepping receipts for taxes makes you feel like a medieval peasant donning a tattered cloak, gathering their wheat and poultry and going on a long and treacherous journey to the wicked tax collector in the valley below.

Flying solo has its downsides, and it turns out you can't download or automate fliers and business cards, extra computers for demoing the game, someone who can help at the booth (and wants to spend 12 hours in a car with a hollow-eyed gamedev and can get time off work), a car, and somewhere to sleep.

Whatever, what about the game?

OK so for the aforementioned business cards we need a LOGO. It ain't permanent but it's got a good swoosh to it and will be way sweet with BLAZE stamped in metallic foil. 💦
Gameplay wise, two big features that keep coming back are LAN play and AI ships.

LAN has priority since it should be more straightforward, but it's not. Even the most basic of tutorials didn't go ELI5 explaining that each computer is like its own little isolated dream world bubble, and anything you see on your computer is actually in your computer - even other players. Like, when I see you on my screen it's not you (cause you're in your own computer). It's your clone, and it's is mimicking everything you do. Weird.