Aya's going to her first con!

Whaaaaaaaaaat. Still giddy. Don't think I'd heard of NGC before this adventure, but after sending the demo to BitSummit I was advised to attend, mingle and get a feel for the Scandinavian community. I hadn't even thought about looking closer than Japan for chances to meet other devs, so hearing about this was a tasty surprise.

So I found out they were taking submissions for something called an indie discovery session. The demo was just wrapped up so I shot it their way, ate all my fingernails, and BLAM - Aya is joining me in Malmö so we can "meet various interested publishers in intense, five minute meetings".

Hide here after maxing out your social anxiety in a "meet-up with the publishers, speed pitch-style".

That's all I know

Seriously. This'll be my first con so to any old timers reading this; all pointers appreciated - drop me an email if you have advice on what to bring or what to expect. This is what I have so far;

  * The game
  * (At least) two computers

Cool. Anything else?