I haven't prepped a page for people tuning in through the UE4 browser so here's...

The rundown!

Aya Blaze is a high-speed, low gravity arcade racer with focus on a fluid racing experience and energizing, uplifting vibes. It feels much like a sugar rush.

This was the doodad thing I fooled around with while learning how to make games about a year ago, and I've worked on the prototype on and off between freelancing since. A couple months ago I spent 3 weeks taking it from this;
to this; ..in hopes of showing it at BitSummit in Kyoto this July.

The demo got some attention and I will be showing it at Nordic Game Conference May 20th!

Pics and video

Got these from the post where I after 3 weeks of crunch finally sent the demo in to Bitsummit. If you want to relive the journey, don't be afraid to browse around el bloggo!

OKAY, so~

I made a Facebook page (scary, but inescapable), so pop in if ye feel like it. I'm mostly active here on the blog but there's a Twitter as well that I want to use more for drunken rants.